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Field Tested & Pursuit Proven

Just a few of the many comments received from law enforcement officers who have been using the MagnumSpike tyre deflation system!

Police Forces are very impressed with the effective stopping power of the MagnumSpike Tyre Deflation System


I consider this a vital public safety tool to control high speed chases. We have used the MagnumSpike! at least 30 times with complete success in ending the pursuit without injuries or cars getting damaged. From our testing and experience, I can say the MagnumSpike! is the best, it does the job every time regardless of vehicle size.”


The Police academy’s evaluation was quite extensive.”
“The academy’s evaluation of all road spike systems…advised of the MagnumSpike’s superior reliability, durability, effectiveness and cost savings to all other brands of road spikes.”


“The truck was equipped with oversize all terrain tires.”
“…ultimately the suspect stopped…without high risk of injury. I would highly recommend the MagnumSpike! system… All of our patrol cars are equipped.”


“We never even needed the MagnumSpike!”
“The suspect saw the strip of spikes, skidded to a stop, got out of the car and surrendered…”


“With our next order we will have our entire fleet stocked.”
Our department has deployed the MagnumSpike! approximately 12 times…each time the incident was resolved quickly and safely. Your spikes have been field tested and have passed.”


“One wonders…”
“If there has ever been a piece of equipment much needed in law enforcement, it is the MagnumSpike! system. One wonders how many lives and (how much) property damage could have been saved in the past had this device been in every patrol car.”


“Thank You Again!”
“I would like to take the time to express our complete satisfaction with your product. We have five sets of your Magnum Spikes and have been using them successfully for several years. I would also like to commend you on your warrantee and consumer relations.”