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MagnumSpike Facts

Ten reasons why the MagnumSpike should be your Tyre Deflation SystemMagnumSpike Tyre Deflation Stops Vehicles Quickly and Safely

  1. The user-friendly MagnumSpike offers Police Forces an affordable quality tool to stop high-speed chases safely & swiftly every time.
  2. Continuous R & D on the MagnumSpike based on feedback from end users and NASA technology grants help incorporate high tech features while preserving its ease of use.
  3. The MagnumSpike is available in various lengths (including 12 ft, 16 ft, 25 ft. and 40 ft versions) to meet YOUR Needs.
  4. The ease of deployment of the MagnumSpike gives control back to law Enforcement by allowing officers to swiftly bring a dangerous situation under control without taking any risks.
  5. The iron clad 100% free replacement warranty covers spikes and all components for five years of use thereby not wasting officers’ time or department money.
  6. The portable MagnumSpike is reusable and easily field serviceable on the spot without any special tools in a matter of a few minutes, eliminating any down time.
  7. The choke-proof design of the MagnumSpike allows predictable and total deflations every time: cars in less than 1/4 mile, trucks, buses and HGV’s in under 1 & 1/4 mile and run-flats in less than 2 & 1/4 miles.
  8. The high tech design of the MagnumSpike is relatively light weight, yet not so light as to float or to be blown away. It is ready for the rapidly changing tyre technology. It deflates any size and type of tyre down to its metal rim, including run-flats.
  9. The 100% safety performance of the MagnumSpike is unbeatable with not a single adverse incident since day one. Its multiple safety features keeps officers out of harm’s way.
  10. The patented MagnumSpike is in a class by itself.
    In test after test of tyre deflation devices, the results are judged “Simply the Best.