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Tyre Deflation Devices – Product Comparison

MagnumSpike offers distinctive advantages over its competitors – read below and find out why!

MagnumSpike Innovative Design
  • Superior spike penetration stops all tyres
  • Pursuit proven – every hit is a ‘safe & swift’ stop
  • Competitively priced so your entire fleet can be equipped for a lot less
  • Up to 400 Magnum choke-proof spikes per unit based on deployed length of model
  • Deployable from a safe distance
  • Consistently successful in Home Office, NIJ & UK Police Force field tests

Tyre Spike Size ComparisonWhen seconds count, there’s no time to measure the spikes in your tyre deflation device and wonder if they’re up to the task. With today’s tyre technology, not only the spike size, but also superior design makes the difference.You do not need a different model for larger vehicles as required by our competition. Any of our models can stop all vehicles from small saloons to articulated HGV’s.

  • Safety”, Deployment, Simplicity of Use: The key objective in designing the patented MagnumSpike is safety and ease of use. The system is very easy to handle and can be deployed in seconds under any weather conditions or road surfaces. It allows officers complete control of the situation without exposing themselves to dangerous traffic. MagnumSpike! is proud of its 100 percent safety record since day one! Many patrol vehicles place the MS16 MagnumSpike behind the co driver’s feet on the floor of the vehicle, this allows the system to be deployed seconds after the patrol vehicle stops saving valuable seconds rather than extracting the system from the vehicle boot.
  • Every Hit a Successful Stop: The fully assembled, portable system works 100 percent under all conditions and circumstances. Every HIT is a STOP. You do not need a different model for larger vehicles. The same system can stop all vehicles from small to heavy vehicles.
  • Warranty: Our warranty is free of any fine print, no ifs or buts. Any and all components, including spikes, are guaranteed for five years while in use and replaced free of charge.





MagnumSpike MS16

Stop Stick


Deployed length

16 ft.

15 ft. (Including one extra
3 ft. section)

15.5 ft.

Dimensions in case

19″ long x 7.5′ diameter-roll

3″‘ x 3″ x 36″ (trunk lid rack)

20.5 ” x 17.5″ x 2.75″

Volume in case

693 cubic inches/0.40 cubic feet

1,026 cubic inches/0.59 cubic feet

987 cubic inches/0.57 cubic feet

Total weight of system

12 lbs.

8 lbs.

12 lbs.

Type of carrying case

Heavy duty ballistic nylon
zipper case

Trunk lid fitted rack, not transferable

Plastic hard case

slats material

Electrometric nylon
proprietary alloy

Styrofoam core wrapped in plastic

Electrometric nylon alloy zytel


160 Magnum spikes

180 roll pins in 5 three-foot sections but since they face three ways, there are only 60 working quills at any one time

110 quills


2.5″ long with 3 sharp-cornered edges, 1/2″ at base

2″ quill inclusive of separate tip. Body of quill is steel roll pin 0.19″ outer dia., 0.11″ inner dia.

1.75″ long x 0.14″ outer dia, 0.11″ inner dia.


Rustproof metal alloy


Stainless steel


Engineered, 3-cornered, elongated pyramid

Tubular split quill, in reality a roll pin with separate conical tips


(Clogging or choking)

Patented clog-proof design

Won’t clog

Definite possibility of clogging

(Ability to
deflate tyres)

Will deflate tyres with total thickness of tread and casing up to 2.5″

Should deflate tyres if total thickness of tread and casing is under 2″

Should deflate tyres if total thickness of tread and casing is under 1.75″

(Ability to stop speeding vehicles with run-flat tyres)

Designed for large air escape & engineered to cut up tyres. Stops all tyres, including run-flats

Distance between quills being 3″ reduces the possibility of the quill lodging in the critical side wall area of run flats

Minimal at best on run-flat tyres

Replacement Spikes

50 spikes with 50 holder retainers, stainless hardware & 50 protective caps

Not applicable

10 quills with compression sleeves, tip guards, and special tool

Deployment rope or cord

45 ft. of 150 lb. test nylon cord on reel with press button release & quick rewind

80 ft. of polyester cord on
open reel

30 ft. of rope on an open spool


No tools required to replace or switch spikes around

Two or more sticks destroyed at every hit

Philips screwdriver required

Multiple use ability

Will withstand multiple high speed impacts

Destroyed first time it is run over

Capable of withstanding multiple high speed impacts

Ability to replace or switch spikes in the field

No tools required to replace or switch spikes around

No possibility of replacing spikes

Needs special tool to
replace spikes